The 14th China Horse Fair
China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
18-20 September, 2020
Equuleus International Riding Club,Beijing,China
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CHF 2020 每 delivering a clear vision for China*s emerging equine market

This year*s show is all set to build upon the successes of 2019 which saw an increase in visitor attendance of 21%.

China 每 a market of huge opportunities!

China*s professional equine sports and leisure market continues to demonstrate rapid growth and is widely recognized as one of the world*s leading &hot spots* for future sales. Driven by demand from an increasingly affluent population and increased access at a grass roots level, horse and pony based activities are attracting new participants at unprecedented levels which in turn is generating record sales for suppliers of the latest products and services.

Why is China such an exciting market for suppliers?

♂ In 2019, the equestrian population in China is put at 1,195,100, an increase of 9.8% compared to 2018.

♂ The number of equestrian clubs in China increased by 19.87% compared to 2018 and is projected to reach 2,160 by the end of 2019#and this number is still growing strongly. The regional distribution of equestrian clubs is also becoming more even with development distributed across Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Guangdong and Shanghai. Among them, Beijing, Jiangsu and Shandong accounted for 9.79%, 9.26% and 8.62% respectively. [The CHF team are in contact with them all!]

♂ 90.32% of equestrian club members are under the age of 18 and female members are becoming the main consumers, a very healthy trend when projecting future growth.

♂ In 2019, the increase in the number of horses registered with equestrian clubs in China was 77,557 of which the number imported was 35,415, 26.14% higher than in 2018. The number of these club horses owned by individuals was 23,655, of which 19,209 were imported from overseas.

♂ Many of the imported horses came from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, UK, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

♂ Most of China*s horse and equestrian industry professionals are confident about the development of the industry in the future with 37.38% of the interviewees projecting the industry will develop even faster in 2020. 

 [Data provided by the BTEA annual report into the state of the industry]

The market is not only growing strongly but standards across the industry are also improving rapidly. Riding club owner/operators and their members are demanding the best products and services as they look to achieve international standards in all aspects of performance and care.

Since its launch in 2007 the China Horse Fair (CHF) has grown and developed alongside the country*s professional horse sports and leisure industry which it so successfully serves. As the country*s No.1 equine trade show, CHF consistently attracts the country*s top buyers and specifiers as they look to invest in the latest goods and services to meet their future needs.

CHF 2020 will be the 14th edition and will once again be China*s largest, most established and most international gathering for trade professionals and enthusiasts involved in all forms of equine sports and leisure activities.

In 2019 CHF hosted some 150 suppliers from around the world including suppliers from Australia, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, United States, South America, Scandinavia, Singapore and China.

New to market companies came to sell their latest products and services alongside many established and successful brands who make sure they exhibit every year so as to meet new and existing customers and boost sales. In just three days companies can promote their products to the top professional buyers and specifiers across the length and breadth of China, ensuring CHF is a uniquely cost-effective direct sales and marketing platform.

With 2,552 buyers, specifiers and influencers attending the 2019 event, CHF again strengthened its position as China*s No.1 professional equine gathering.

Nationwide coverage 每 here are just some of the Cities/Provinces visitors came from:
City Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, etc.& Province Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, etc.

Top buyers attending 每 representatives from the country*s major riding facilities came to view and compare the latest products and services including: Beijing Equuleus International Riding Club, Beijing Tang Ren Polo Club, Beijing San Fu Stud Farm, Beijing Ou Zhu Bo Le Arabian Horse Stud Farm,  Beijing Guo Fa Equestrian Club,  Inner Mongolia Tian Bian Stud Farm, Shenyang Pony Club, Tangshan Wan Jun Equestrian Club, Hebei He Shun Stud Farm, Xinjiang Jun Bao Equestrian Club, Chengdu Da Gen Si Equestrian Club, Suzhou Shi Qi Jia Riding Club, Wuhan Han Ma Hui Riding School, and Japan Grand Pony Club, etc.

CHF 2020 will take place in Beijing, the hub of China*s equestrian market, in September 2020.

NEW FOR 2020 每 the organizer of CHF 2020 has announced that it will be extending its promotional campaign to also target professional equine industry buyers and enthusiasts from across Asia e.g. ASEAN, North and South Asia. This means even more fantastic sales opportunities for suppliers exhibiting at CHF 2020!

Facility Owners Forum: A dedicated session of the popular CHF Forum program will be focused on how owners and managers of the country*s leading equine sports and leisure facilities e.g. equestrian clubs, riding schools, breeders etc., can develop their business for future commercial success.

Don*t delay! Want to find out how your business can profit from exhibiting at CHF 2020? Contact one of our friendly and helpful team today to discuss how we can make your participation a success.

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