The 13th China Horse Fair
China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
19-21 September, 2019
Equuleus International Riding Club,Beijing
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¡ñ Horse transportation vehicles and services£ºself-propelled, trailers, trucks, extensions, air/sea and train transportation.

¡ñ Stable construction and equipment£ºriding halls, areas/floors, stable yards, stables, boxes, stable equipment, horse walkers, treadmills and aqua trainers, fences/obstacles and dressage quad.

¡ñ Equestrian clothing and accessories£ºrider wear and competition clothing, saddlery, riding tack, halters and ropes, horse blankets and valances.

¡ñ Food and health care£ºfeeds, bedding, veterinary medicine and services, therapies and therapeutic equipment, rehabilitation, hoof care and farrier services.

¡ñ Breeding£ºinternational, thoroughbred, Arabian, competition/tournament etc.

¡ñ Tourism, gifts and services£ºriding tours and trekking, arts and crafts, media and publishing, insurance and IT services.

¡ñ Driving£ºcarriages and accessories, harnesses, clothing and accessories.

¡ñ Specialist interests£ºwestern, polo, endurance, rare breeds and breeding etc.

¡ñ Horse and rider training.

* This list is for guidance only. Please contact the organiser if you would like to know if your product is suitable for display and promotion at CHF 2019.
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