The 14th China Horse Fair
China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
18-20 September, 2020
Equuleus International Riding Club,Beijing,China
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Exhibitor Name£ºFreejump
Booth No.£ºA09-A12
Content£ºMeeting the needs of passionate people. freejump, the undisputed leader in high-perfor- mance stirrups and major player of footwear, is more than ever at the service of enthusiasts. Acclaimed by professional riders, Freejump was represented by 16 riders out of 32 equipped at the start of the legendary Aachen Nations Cup 2019, (Sweden winner of the Cup with 3 riders out of 4 in freejump), winner of the GP with Kent Farrington and second of the CCI with Michael Jung. As part of our development, we are pleased to present this year many new products : the SOFT'UP PRO+ single-branch stirrups, the traditional AIR'S stirrups and the new collection of boots, shoes and chaps, entirely designed by Pininfarina, developed and manufactured by an exceptional workshop in Portugal. Always convinced of the need for performance and safety, we have included in our collection Oscar&Gabrielle airbag jackets, already approved by high-level riders. The Oscar&Gabrielle jackets combine French elegance with the requirement of safety of equestrian sports. Innovation and excellence for professio- nal and amateur riders remain and will remain our very first priority.
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