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18-20 September, 2020
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Demelody will bring handmade harness for CHF 2017 visitors

From 12-14 October 2017, Demelody (Booth No.F08) will bring handmade harness for CHF 2017 visitors.

Ƥ Demelody

Booth Number F08

The most beautiful

The most delicate

The most honourable

Eyecatching western saddle with full carving flowers,

confortable and durable riding equippment

and kinds of personal effects

All  are coming from senior designers' s agacious mind

Craftsman's hands which have much callus

give birth to masterpiece that

 have emotion and temperature

So abandon the cold machine 

and come to feel the charm of Demelody

Brief introduction of Demelody

Established in 2011, Demelody is Registered trademark of People's Republic of China. The headquarter, located in Tianjin, China is a handmade leather carving studio which is the combination of design, production and sale.

Works of Demelody are all original and stylized, with both the fusion of traditional Chinese style and the creation of passionate modern. Saddle and accessories of Demelody focus on traditional western retro style, in accordance with complete handmade complicated carving flowers, unique stereo character, which develop aschool of its own in China's saddle industry. Bring people wildness, glory and beautiful.

Leather carving originated in the royal Status image in Europe during the RenaissanceIt was introduced into Asia by the Japanese during the Second WorldWar, which is only ten years of development in China.

Leather carving has various artistic expressions. By dealing with leather with special artistic skill, different traditional patterns and fables can be expressed while diverse visual effect can also be carved by the change of depth, roughness and distance, showing people infinite imagination space and sense of beauty. Leather carving has high appreciation value and collection value while kinds of practical materials can also be made, which realize the perfect combination of arts and reality.


All works of Demelody are made from advanced leather, originally designed by senior designers and finished by craftsmen from the beginning to the end, covering tens of process. They abandon the cold machine and combine the wisdom and emotion, filled with love and passion. So let's come to feel the charm of Demelody.

Product introduction and picture explanation

1. Saddle with carving flowers--coming from the inspiration of Wyoming, purely handmade western one with southern Africa Class A ostrich cushion.

2. Handsome riding equipment--cowboy hat with the carving of ox skull etc. Handmade carvingartcrafts , such us Cowboy waistcoat, cowboy boot, etc. will be presented during the exhibition. Please look forward to it.

3. Indispensable living goods--the represent of horse theme works, such as saddle bag with carving flowers, wallet and pocket.



绰021-5852 6739



С Ůʿ

绰021-5852 7126




绰027-8736 6951人´

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