The 14th China Horse Fair
China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
18-20 September, 2020
Equuleus International Riding Club,Beijing,China
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China Horse Fair 2018 attracts China¡¯s top buyers

Many new business contacts were made and previous relationships renewed during the 12th edition of the China Horse Fair (CHF) which closed on 19th October 2018 after three busy days.

Over 2,100 of China¡¯s leading buyers, specifiers and enthusiasts attended CHF 2018 to view and compare the latest products and services on display from some 150 international and domestic manufacturers and suppliers. Travelling from every corner of the country, CHF again proved to be the year¡¯s most important gathering for equine professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike with many exhibitors reporting brisk business and lucrative orders placed.

Buyers came from Beijing which is the centre of equestrian sports in China and of course the emerging equine hotspots such as Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shandong, Hebei , Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong¡­ Reflecting CHF¡¯ s growing international stature, the number of international trade visitors doubled travelling from more than 20 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, US, ¡­

For many personnel involved in China¡¯s emerging horse sport and leisure industry, from riding facility owners and operators, to breeders and trainers, amateur riders and horse lovers, CHF is the only opportunity they have to see such a wide range of international and local goods and services and to speak directly to those expert suppliers on-hand to advise them on their future needs. With a diverse selection of products ranging from different horse breeds, rider clothing and accessories, saddlery and tack, transportation, feed and healthcare, equipment for riding, breeding and training facilities and much more, there was something for everyone from the large-scale professional riding facility to the amateur enthusiast just starting out. Confirming the importance of CHF as a meeting place for professionals and horse enthusiasts alike, some 76% of attendees were from leading clubs and facilities such as Beijing Equuleus International Riding Club, Beijing Tang Ren Polo Club, Beijing San Fu Stud Farm, Beijing Ou Zhu Bo Le Arabian Horse Stud Farm,  Beijing Guo Fa Equestrian Club,  Inner Mongolia Tian Bian Stud Farm, Shenyang Pony Club, Tangshan Wan Jun Equestrian Club, Hebei He Shun Stud Farm, Xinjiang Jun Bao Equestrian Club, Chengdu Da Gen Si Equestrian Club, Suzhou Shi Qi Jia Riding Club, Wuhan Han Ma Hui Riding School, and Japan Grand Pony Club etc.

CHF 2018 saw the addition of a highly successful and popular new feature, the ¡®Young rider training¡¯ forum which involved educational presentations and practical riding demonstrations. Commenting on this success, Sonia Ou Yang, CHF marketing manager, said ¡°We were delighted in the interest and support for this initiative and it highlights what an exciting future equestrian sports has in China.¡± She went onto say ¡°Because of its reputation internationally, the CHF is able to attract top speakers and trainers to share their knowledge and expertise with China¡¯s next generation of competition riders.¡± An expanded programme of activity is planned for next year¡¯s show.

CHF 2018 also hosted a number of local and international experts who gave an eager audience at the CHF 2018 Forum, the benefit of their experience and expertise by addressing some of the key challenges facing China¡¯s rapidly emerging equine market. Topics covered included ¡®Principles of Horsemanship¡¯, ¡®How to train and retain young equestrian talents¡¯, ¡®Key to success for equestrian clubs in China¡¯, along with presentations on the suitability of various breeds, diagnosis of foot and leg disease, the future of horse racing and young rider supplies.

Commenting on the launch of even more new features at the CHF 2019 event, Sonia Ou Yang said ¡°We have canvassed the local and international industry as to what they want from the show next year and we are planning some exciting additions to the CHF 2019 programme.¡± She went onto say that these will be announced in early 2019.

China Horse Fair 2019 will take place in Beijing in October 2019.

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