The 13th China Horse Fair
China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
October, 2019
New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (Shunyi District)
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   Products in CHF 2017 are very good, such as harnesses. And we also met a lot of new partners in CHF 2017.
   Aduqin Equestrian Club
   Mr.Baoyin Gexige
   There are many foreign exhibitors in CHF 2017, and we have met a great number of new partners and friends. We are very optimistic about CHF.
   Peng Jun Horse Industry Co., td
   Ms.Chen Huimin
   It is a great pleasure to visit CHF 2017, which has fantastic suppliers, and we met a lot of new customers, communicating industry experience with each other.
   Converging Horse Language Equestrian Club
   Ms.Zhang Qianqian
   It is my first time to visit CHF. The form of this exhibition is excellent, and the exhibition covered the whole industrial chain of the horse industry.
   Sichuan Equestrian Association
   Mr. Tian Xiang
   I have visited CHF several times and CHF is doing very well this year. There are many new brands and products. Many viewers are acquaintances, and the atmosphere is good.
   Beijing West Equestrian Association
   Mr. Wang Zhongkang
   What was most influential this year was the forum section. The famous experts¨ speeches were fabulous. I always pay attention to the scene, learning a lot of new knowledge.
   China Equestrian Association
   Ms. Zeng Min
   CHF, a trade fair for professional equestrian sports and leisure riding, has been successfully organized for the past 11 years. With the gradual upgrading and development of domestic horse industry, CHF provides a good platform for the communication and cooperation between China and the international horse industry. The international exhibitors have presented China with advanced concepts, technologies and products related to the horse industry, while China also provides a huge potential market. We are looking forward to CHF gathering more forces to promote the development of the Chinese horse industry!
   Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association
   Mr. Chen Che
   CHF has been successfully organised for the past 10 years and during this time the show has consistently grown and developed alongside the Chinese equestrian industry and is now acknowledged as China¨s best and most important trade fair for the industry. The CHF is definitely the leading horse fair in China. I am looking forward to seeing the CHF continue to encourage the communication between the Chinese and international equestrian industries and promoting the development of the industry for future years.
   Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association
   Mr. Chen Che, Secretary General China
   We have visited CHF several times, and we noticed that CHF 2016 had more exhibitors compared to events in previous years. We saw a lot of new brands this time. A visit to CHF 2016 offered us an opportunity to view and compare those products and services essential for delivering world class results.
   Dalian Kai Yang International Equestrian Club
   Fu Yufei, Manager China
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