China Horse Fair 2022
The 14th China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
September, 2022
Equuleus International Riding Club, Beijing
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The Chinese market will continue to show strong growth and development

China’s strong economic performance has created a large and aspirational middle class who have the disposable income and time to invest in new sports and leisure activities. The country’s professional horse sports and leisure industry is directly benefiting from this trend given the country’s longstanding equine heritage, national and regional government support, the sector’s increasingly high-profile and sophisticated image along with the undoubted health and fitness benefits for all ages.

A new growth trend…such is the interest in equine sports and leisure activities, new rider training facilities are emerging in city centres across China including the establishment of pony clubs in shopping malls. By providing convenient access to millions of more people, this is also driving a growth in participation levels and demand for equine products and services.

It is generally accepted that the more than current 1 million riding club members are just the tip of the iceberg and strong future growth is virtually assured.

Over recent years, the impressive increase in club membership and the launch of new riding, training and breeding facilities across China, we are seeing a surge in sales for a full range of high-end products including top quality horses, facility and riding equipment, clothing, accessories, and equine health care products and services. It is an ideal time for new  international suppliers to enter the Chinese market and for existing suppliers to boost their market presence and sales.

With its rapidly increasing purchasing power and huge future potential, China should be a priority market for all suppliers and manufacturers of professional equine products and services.

● In 2019, the equestrian population in China was put at 1,195,100, an increase of 9.8% compared to 2018.

● The number of equestrian clubs in China increased by nearly 20% compared to 2018 and was projected to reach 2,160 by the end of 2019…and projected to grow strongly in the future. The distribution of equestrian clubs is also becoming more widespread throughout the country with developments in Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Guangdong and Shanghai. Beijing, Jiangsu and Shandong accounted for 9.79%, 9.26% and 8.62% respectively and the CHF team are in contact with them all!

● 90% of equestrian club members are under the age of 18 and female members are becoming the main consumers, a very healthy trend when projecting future growth.

● In 2019, the increase in the number of horses registered with equestrian clubs in China was 77,557 of which the number imported was 35,415, 26% higher than in 2018. The number of these club horses owned by individuals was 23,655, of which 19,209 were imported from overseas.

● Many of the imported horses came from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, UK, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

● Most of China’s horse and equestrian industry professionals are confident about the development of the industry in the future with 37% of the interviewees projecting the industry will develop even faster in 2021.

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