China Horse Fair 2022
The 14th China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
September, 2022
Equuleus International Riding Club, Beijing
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   The CHF has always been an important gathering of equestrian professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. This year's horse show saw a major change and like prestigious professional horse exhibitions staged globally, for the first time it had the competition and exhibition taking place side by side. With support from the Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association and Equuleus Riding Club, it created a successful International Equestrian Culture Week in Beijing, attracting a lot of industry colleagues and enthusiasts.
   Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association
   Mr. Chen Che
   CHF is an important event in China and even in the world! We have participated in the horse show for many years and thank the organizers for their efforts to provide such a good learning, information gathering and trading platform. The CHF 2019 was a great success for us. Through the CHF our vision has widened and we found more partners whilst effectively reducing our purchasing costs. We believe the CHF will get better and better!
   Chunming from Qing Ao Equestrian
   Mr. Zhao
   I have been accompanying veterinarians from the Japan Racing Association to teach in China in recent years and the CHF provides an excellent platform for us. We have witnessed the development of China’s domestic horse industry and the CHF getting better and better. We expect that CHF will continue to provide a platform for communication and improvement for people from home and abroad. We look forward to meeting more colleagues and friends during the exhibition next year!
   Japan Association for International Racing and Stud Book
   JAIRS Japan
   CHF has been successfully organised for 12 years. It witnesses and promotes the development of the Chinese horse industry. CHF 2018 has successfully grasped the hot spot of the industry at this time – the young rider market. We hope CHF can keep pace with the times and become better and better in the future!
   Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association
   Mr. Chen Che
   As always, CHF is a festival of learning and communication for the entire equestrian industry. This is the second time for us to visit it. We wish CHF will be more success in the future!
   China Institute of Horse Culture & Sports & Tourism
   Ms. Dong Xue
   CHF 2018 displayed new innovations. We noticed that foreign exhibitors brought a lot of new products and technologies, which provided the local equestrian clubs with a good opportunity to see and learn. Additionally, through one-to-one teaching by Ireland coaches, our young riders become more confident after having these classes.
   Emperor Equestrian Club
   Mr. Zhao
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